Maa Gold

The 24 Carat Entertainment Channel

About Maa Gold

MAA GOLD, a new offering channel from MAA TV Network, is being positioned as a trendy General Entertainment Channel (GEC) combining distinct and differentiated content with a right mix of genres to all people.


With an element of surprise, curiosity and added variety in the programming, each member of the family can expect something interesting to watch on MAA GOLD.


The programme planning is aimed at creating surprise, curiosity and added variety.

To put it simply, MAA GOLD aims to offer ‘24 carat entertainment’, the gold standard in entertainment.


MAA Gold is set to break the monotonous scenes that are common at present in most of the homes during the evening hours, where women who are in control of the remotes sit glued to the television watching serials. MAA GOLD will offer programmes that appeal to the entire family and make entertainment more vibrant by having programmes other than serials in the prime time.


MAA GOLD will make a great appeal to the twitter, YouTube, facebook and net savvy generation with programmes reflecting new look, feel, presentation and treatment.


For women looking for fun-filled entertainment like game shows, Kitty Parties, modern-kitchen based cookery shows, trendy designer-ware and life styles MAA GOLD will be the best choice. Animation based content will offer full entertainment to the kids.


MAA GOLD will also provide a platform to college students and youth to exhibit their talent through various reach-out programmes. Devotional/spiritual content targeting youth with focus on contemporary issues, fitness and travelogue will be some of the unique offerings on MAA Gold. Comedy and offbeat programmes in unique style and packaging will offer all together a new experience of TV entertainment.


MAA GOLD will be close to the heart and home of every Telugu TV viewer with the mix of tradition and nativity with modern outlook in its programming. MAA GOLD will be a TV channel of choice where every viewer would love and feel ‘it’s my kind of channel’ to relax and enjoy. MAA GOLD aims at offering more of family experience in watching television, not merely serials for women.

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